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Every day we can hear news about sexual crimes and convicted offenders and pedophiles. Many of them are behind bars, and that's good! On the other hand, many of them have served their sentence and are walking free or under parole.

At Official Sex Offender Registry, we're dedicated to bringing you a quality product that will provide you with updated reports of sex offenders in your neighborhood. Stop living in fear and start taking steps to protect your children against these villainous sexual deviants. Find where they live, how they look like, what crimes they have commited - and be alerted at all times!

Access Registered Sex Offender information as defined in Megan's Law

Megan's Law provides two major information services to the public: sex offender registration and community notification. The details of what is provided as part of sex offender registration and how community notification is handled vary from state to state, and in some states the required registration information and community notification protocols have changed many times since Megan's Law was passed. The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act supplements Megan's Law with new registration requirements and a "three-tier" system for classifying sex offenders according to their risk to the community.

What do you need?

• Interactive Sex Offender Map with
• Full Name and Exact Address (House)
• Sex Offender's Picture and Distinguishing Marks
• Detailed List of Offenses

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